More Weight?-ugh (help?)

December 8, 2015
I recently went on a four day vacation- it was an eat and drink marathon.  I wish they had a Grey Goose diet–but Mayos didn’t when I was up there this summer.  I came  home 4 lbs up.  Going into the next few weeks, this is a disaster. I didn’t know what to do and… View Full Article

Saying No is empowering

December 7, 2015
It’s true ,saying no is very empowering and to tell the truth I think that you’ll feel better.  First of all, many times we feel guilty about saying “no” to your family-especially your grown children,and to friends some who don’t have as involved life as you do. Then, you have friends that want to go… View Full Article

How to say NO!

December 7, 2015
Its Holiday time and people are stressed out.  Some how or other we make it through with the same complaints year after year.  This year you might consider making some changes and the first one is how to say NO! Dr. Andrew Weil is using this month to deal with stress.  I think is all… View Full Article

High Cholesterol?

December 7, 2015
Maybe age and stage but it seems that many people are turning to drugs to lower cholesterol. However, there are Cholesterol-lowering options. And I was surprised to see an excellent article in the Mayo Clinic Health letter. Many people take statins–seems to be the rage and then they think they can eat anything. If your… View Full Article

Art Basel–Miami Show

December 7, 2015
We just returned from Florida. Went to the Art Shows and then into the keys-it was very nice. I just wanted to mention the Art Basel and Art Miami shows. Now, I am not an expert, but I was in the art business for 15 years and I dealt with some big names, like the… View Full Article

Interesting News Letter

December 7, 2015
I get a lot of interesting news letters and many have some information that you might enjoy. Recently I received the Winter 2016 AICR news letter.(American Institute for Cancer Research) I have been receiving this for many years- way before my husband had cancer. Infact, when I was very young, I was on the Women’s… View Full Article


December 7, 2015
The best explanation of what is mindfulness is found in a wonderful book The Miracle of Mindfulness–it was translated in l975. It is a “A Zen master’s method of meditation, concentration, and relaxation.” It was actually the translation of a letter written by Thich Nhat Hanh. It is a Manual on Meditation–being in the moment…. View Full Article