Stress Management

“Nourishing Happiness”

July 29, 2017
Thich Nhat Hanh came up with the phrase “nourishing happiness”, and he is right.  We make a mistake when we are not constantly  aware of what we do and how it impacts our happiness.  Many times we have choices and we do not analyze how we truly feel and so we wind up making bad… View Full Article

Freeman Not Ready To Retire

April 10, 2017
There is a wonderful article in the Chicago Tribune  that actually came from LA-about Morgan Freeman and the  new movie., “Going in Style”.  I haven’t seen the movie but the article is great and I will see it soon. I hope you all will take the time to read it– because it really sums up… View Full Article

What are you doing today?

March 29, 2017
Yes, that is right. You are alive and hopefully well—so doing something to make this a special day that you might normally forget–they used to say “smell the roses”. However, you might not have have any near by—but you can stop and be quiet for a few minutes to let your brain regenerate to help… View Full Article


January 24, 2017
I am very sorry for Trump and I hope he listens to his staff.  Maybe its too soon to tell but it is getting a bit frightening to see him over and over discuss the election. I am hopeful that he will do something to help Chicago.  Obama really missed his chance .  I disagree… View Full Article

If 2017 means any change-you must separate Ego and Intuition

January 5, 2017
Dear All, I am firmly convinced that if you want to make any progress in learning how to enjoy being alive, you must learn to separate  your EGO and INTUITION.  There are many people who have written in this area but Sonia Choquette its the best.  Why because her answers are clear and easy to… View Full Article

January 2017

January 3, 2017
Hey, we made it!  Unfortunately we know people who didn’t –so count your blessings and here are some ideas for 2017. 1.Change your daily routine.  Make your brain wonder- what are you doing? Say you are thankful      for being alive. 2. If you get up and brush your teeth first thing–do it second…. View Full Article

Make A Happiness List

December 20, 2016
Yes, take a piece of paper and make a list of at least ten things that  make you happy! Sometimes we forget what we are  happy and thankful for– spending time on what makes you unhappy. Look around and see something that makes you happy, a person, place or thing (all of the above)–it can… View Full Article

I can’t take it any more!

December 20, 2016
I’ve had it–there are many areas in this country that have gotten out of hand–we’ve forgotten about the people who live here and want to continue living–they have something that can be controlled but we make the medicine not easily available and unaffordable. The beginning of my anger: WHY ARENT EPI PENS AVAILABLE OVER THE… View Full Article

Should You Take A Vacation?? Even a mini?

December 19, 2016
You really don’t think you need one–you’re a little short  on finances.  Its winter and you’ll wait until spring or summer .  Well, maybe you should reconsider. Why?  Getting away is wonderful to reinvigorate yourself.  If you are in the cold and dark North–it is even more important.  The lack of sun-light can be very… View Full Article

Family Holiday Vacations

December 19, 2016
I think its very sad that everyone, including myself, has issues on family vacations.  I am beginning to wonder if we just think toooooo much. Maybe if we realized that we have very little control over anything and try to enjoy some moments. Sometimes, its very hard, but if you thought about how many minutes… View Full Article

Goodbye, dahlink

December 19, 2016
The death of  Zsa Zsa Gabor is a loss for all of us.  She represented fun! And although there will be many articles about her-the one in USA TODAY, is very good. She had nine marriages and I can remember her being interviewed many years ago–“Zsa Zsa, do you have any advice for married women?”… View Full Article

ENJOY The moments

December 9, 2016
This is certainly worth your time and you may come back to it too. I looked at it this morning in the BBC and thought you’d enjoy it.  50 Reasons to #lovetheworld Wonderful moments! The Best To You Nancy  


December 5, 2016
Does friendship really exist or is it a delusion ?  I have spoken to so many people who think they have a friend until they need them.  And, if you have a friend-or are a friend–how do you prove it? The other day when I was working, I asked a women about her tattoo …. View Full Article

Holiday Stress

November 23, 2016
Yes, being with the family can cause lots of stress.  Most of it can be avoided by not buying into the rhetoric of your family.  If you think about the past -you see that “history” does repeat itself and some of the family members do the same thing every year!!” 1.Smile-you think I’m nuts? No,… View Full Article

The election caught many people by surprise.

November 22, 2016
It  has taken me a long time to write about the election because like many of you , Ive been very upset. However, it is over and we can only pray that Trump will do what is right for the country.   I am hopeful–although somewhat skeptical.  I know sounds like Im confused and its… View Full Article

Start Your Day The Right Way

October 27, 2016
Some people think that the right way to start a day is with breakfast, coffee , tea–exercise  etc. I think the best way is to smile–have a laugh and enjoy the moment. For some people this is hard so I am going to suggest that you read the comics.  “What” your thinking–is she nuts? No,… View Full Article

Four Decisions for Inviting More Joy into Your Life

October 21, 2016
Sonia Choquette is a wonderful intuitive and I will be referencing her books.  She is a wonderful person and her books can be very guiding in moments when you need direction. “Joy is a landmark of an intuitive life.  Living the intuitive life is your greatest power” Intuition  is   part of who you are-however… View Full Article

Justice Ginsburg’s mother in law gave great advice.

October 7, 2016
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg mother in law gave here some great advice that I think can help all of us in any relationship.  On her wedding day she said “In every good marriage–it helps to sometimes be a little deaf.” She followed that advice “assiduously  and not only at home through 56 years of marital… View Full Article

Want to Boost Your Immune System? Eat these foods.

September 16, 2016
Dr. Andrew Weil’s tip for today was about boosting your immune system.  I think with fall approaching, flu season, children in school etc.etc. all of us can use a reminder and that is why I am posting these foods.  Its a NO Brainer! 1.Broccoli 2.Cantaloupe 3.Kiwi 4.Oranges 5.Peppers 6.Pineapple 7.Pink grapefruit 8.Strawberries Try and buy… View Full Article

Are you having trouble letting go?

September 1, 2016
Everyone that I know has trouble letting go in one area or another–but why? I personally think there are several reasons that we don’t want to acknowledge, and today I will deal a little with FEAR! We are afraid the people that we are letting go of won’t survive  without us. We don’t trust their… View Full Article