Stress Management

Letting Go

August 23, 2016
Many years ago I called an intuitive in Cleveland-at the end of the session I asked her how much it cost and where to send it–she said” you dont have to pay for it but do you you have a fax machine? Yes, and this is what she sent it is still very useful.!  Truly… View Full Article

Dreams and Isis

July 5, 2016
I don’t know about you but all of this shooting and bombing throughout  the world is giving me nightmares.  My feelings about life and death have gone through changes throughout my life. First I thought what was meant to be– was meant to be–then that changed as I felt people could change the course of… View Full Article


May 31, 2016
A Firm Intention Right after you read this I hope you will take a  piece of paper –number 1-3 and next to each number write what you are determined to do!  We have all been thinking about things that we wanted to accomplish but we didn’t do them.  Now is the time to start but… View Full Article

Friendship–Toxic Friends

April 14, 2016
Friendship–friend- is a very  strange and I think missed used word. The dictionary defines friend ” a person whom one knows well and is fond of,intimate associate, close acquaintance, supporter, ally etc. We all have friends, acquaintances–and we may put expectations that can’t be met. We expect them to be there all the time  when… View Full Article

Hope and Optimism

April 6, 2016
There is a difference–Hope–people who have hope believe that the future will be better and that you have some control-you have a strategy  to reach the goal .  You believe that you have power to see it happen,  The optimist believes things will work out no matter what you do. Researchers have studied these thought… View Full Article

Healing and Forgiveness

April 5, 2016
I saw this on Facebook and to tell you the truth, I found it very interesting.  Carolyn Myss, is a fabulous writer about healing.  She wrote Anatomy of the Spirit -and many other very insightful books. “Identifying a wound does not heal the wound.  Healing must include getting to the source of why we struggle… View Full Article

“The Winds of Change”

April 5, 2016
This is the title of a chapter from the book “Listen to the Drum”, by Blackwood Jones and Gina Jones.The book is dedicated to Alcoholics Anonymous and its members.  Blackwolf was born in the spring of 1935 and so was AA. ; had AA not helped him this book probably wouldn’t exist. I will from… View Full Article

Procrastination–do you procrastinate?

March 30, 2016
I sometimes procrastinate!  We all do. The definition is “the action of delaying or postponing something–putting off–”  I have been putting off writing for this blog.  Why? For many reasons–didnt make the time on my calendar .  Didn’t want to put in down in writing because then it would be a reminder .  Well procrastination… View Full Article

Trying to get fit faster

March 8, 2016
I just read an interesting article and it makes a lot os sense- it was in Women’s Health and suggest three techniques; 1.High intensity training–work on short intervals o high intensity cardio -inbetween ranging from 20 seconds-two minutes. 2.Conbination lifting–like do a squat at the same time you do a bicep curl. 3.Circuit training-exercise to… View Full Article

Daily thoughts?

January 20, 2016
There are very few people that have enough on their web pages that I can enjoy almost daily.  One of my favorite it is Dr. Weil site.  This site deals with everything from weight to depression to vitamins. I don’t take any of his vitamins and just sort of pass the ads but I have… View Full Article


December 29, 2015
Why are we all so stressed at this time of year?  I don’t know anyone that isn’t stressed.  Most of it is caused because we have expectation.  Yes, that strange word that keeps creeping up and destroying our happiness  because someone we know has not lived up to what we expected. Why can’t we just… View Full Article


December 8, 2015
I can believe that did it and I am having an awakening moment.  YOU CANNOT LOOSE YOUR SELF-RESPECT  unless you choose to.  That most of these feelings are coming from the expectations that YOU have of OTHER people and  if they don’t do it–you choose to loose your self-respect.  But, if you had NO expectation… View Full Article

Loosing Self-respect-finding Calm

December 8, 2015
Have you ever had a moment where you’ve lost your self respect?  I have–and I am having that moment NOW.  So if Im supposed to have ideas or thoughts about spirituality and stress–I better figure this one out or its going to get away from me and I’ll continue to feel miserable. Yes, I am… View Full Article

More Weight?-ugh (help?)

December 8, 2015
I recently went on a four day vacation- it was an eat and drink marathon.  I wish they had a Grey Goose diet–but Mayos didn’t when I was up there this summer.  I came  home 4 lbs up.  Going into the next few weeks, this is a disaster. I didn’t know what to do and… View Full Article

Saying No is empowering

December 7, 2015
It’s true ,saying no is very empowering and to tell the truth I think that you’ll feel better.  First of all, many times we feel guilty about saying “no” to your family-especially your grown children,and to friends some who don’t have as involved life as you do. Then, you have friends that want to go… View Full Article

How to say NO!

December 7, 2015
Its Holiday time and people are stressed out.  Some how or other we make it through with the same complaints year after year.  This year you might consider making some changes and the first one is how to say NO! Dr. Andrew Weil is using this month to deal with stress.  I think is all… View Full Article

Interesting News Letter

December 7, 2015
I get a lot of interesting news letters and many have some information that you might enjoy. Recently I received the Winter 2016 AICR news letter.(American Institute for Cancer Research) I have been receiving this for many years- way before my husband had cancer. Infact, when I was very young, I was on the Women’s… View Full Article


December 7, 2015
The best explanation of what is mindfulness is found in a wonderful book The Miracle of Mindfulness–it was translated in l975. It is a “A Zen master’s method of meditation, concentration, and relaxation.” It was actually the translation of a letter written by Thich Nhat Hanh. It is a Manual on Meditation–being in the moment…. View Full Article


November 29, 2015
I am sorry to say that many people have trouble with forgiveness.  I have trouble understanding why?  Yes, if someone beats you, of course I can understand physical harm, but words?  I don’t understand and because this seems to be such a large issue I thought that I would quote someone that I respect who… View Full Article