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Four Decisions for Inviting More Joy into Your Life

October 21, 2016
Sonia Choquette is a wonderful intuitive and I will be referencing her books.  She is a wonderful person and her books can be very guiding in moments when you need direction. “Joy is a landmark of an intuitive life.  Living the intuitive life is your greatest power” Intuition  is   part of who you are-however… View Full Article

Want to Boost Your Immune System? Eat these foods.

September 16, 2016
Dr. Andrew Weil’s tip for today was about boosting your immune system.  I think with fall approaching, flu season, children in school etc.etc. all of us can use a reminder and that is why I am posting these foods.  Its a NO Brainer! 1.Broccoli 2.Cantaloupe 3.Kiwi 4.Oranges 5.Peppers 6.Pineapple 7.Pink grapefruit 8.Strawberries Try and buy… View Full Article

Are you having trouble letting go?

September 1, 2016
Everyone that I know has trouble letting go in one area or another–but why? I personally think there are several reasons that we don’t want to acknowledge, and today I will deal a little with FEAR! We are afraid the people that we are letting go of won’t survive  without us. We don’t trust their… View Full Article

Letting Go

August 23, 2016
Many years ago I called an intuitive in Cleveland-at the end of the session I asked her how much it cost and where to send it–she said” you dont have to pay for it but do you you have a fax machine? Yes, and this is what she sent it is still very useful.!  Truly… View Full Article


March 8, 2016
I would imagine that the dictionary will have to rewrite the meaning after the elections in the United States this year. It is a disaster !  And from both sides of the isle–I think we have the media to blame for most of it; and, like someone said they just want viewers.  They have a… View Full Article

Trying to get fit faster

March 8, 2016
I just read an interesting article and it makes a lot os sense- it was in Women’s Health and suggest three techniques; 1.High intensity training–work on short intervals o high intensity cardio -inbetween ranging from 20 seconds-two minutes. 2.Conbination lifting–like do a squat at the same time you do a bicep curl. 3.Circuit training-exercise to… View Full Article

“My Life on the Road”-Gloria Steinem

January 20, 2016
I didn’t really think that I’d buy the book.  However, I found myself looking at Amazon and then ..Well, Im very happy that I did–and any girl/woman should read it.  Even though a lot of it  might be familiar to you–its a reminder and also the sad truth of where we haven’t evolved. Also, I… View Full Article


November 13, 2015
Many years ago when I was growing up in Denver Colorado and I was having a bad day—my father used to say “ You’re on the Right Side of the Daises”,  you should enjoy life! Who am I? I am a 70ish women who has had a very interesting life and hopefully it will continue. I… View Full Article

Why Spirituality?

November 13, 2015
In the early 1970’s I went to a lecture by Deepak Chopra, and I read his book Quantum Healing. It was an excellent book and he was wonderful.  That was the start into spiritual people.  Since then I have read numerous books, many that I will discuss.  And have been to seminars, or had  personal… View Full Article