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November 13, 2015

When  Mayos discovered cancer in my husband, and he was visible in excellent health,  we were shocked and  I decided to return to my spirituality.

When you’re  told that your spouse  of  42 years should get his affairs in order-you go into shock.  The kidney Cancer that my husband had is called the “mens silent disease”, and they found it by accident doing an ultrasound.  Had they not found it, he would have been dead in six months.

Many , many people are confronted with the shock of being told about cancer, and when there are no symptoms you are really shocked.  We scheduled surgery and returned to Chicago for a second opinion.  Everyone should get a second opinion.

However, before we left we asked, is the surgery from the front or the back? They said the front so they could see the lymph nodes the cut is different ,and the healing is faster than the back where you cut muscle.  In Chicago , when we went for an opinion, they said they go through the Back.  Needless to say, while we were convinced that we were going to Mayos, now we were really convinced.

My husband had his surgery and is now cancer free.  We are very thankful. However, while we were going through a very uncertain time, I created an app entitled, “Flush Your Stress”.  It is so strange that I would have created something with that name, however, I had a web page, entitled”Send me Your Stress and people had a choice  of putting it in fire,throwing in a waste basket, or flushing it.

Flushing was the most used.  In the app, the backend was a Stress Management course, with connections to Mayos, and other  places.  It was a true financial failure.  However, I learned alot

and have met some wonderful people in the process .

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