December 29, 2015

Why are we all so stressed at this time of year?  I don’t know anyone that isn’t stressed.  Most of it is caused because we have expectation.  Yes, that strange word that keeps creeping up and destroying our happiness  because someone we know has not lived up to what we expected.

Why can’t we just accept people for who they are and quit trying to control what they do?  Why don’t we spend more time trying to make ourselves better and quit being judgmental of others?  And, why don’t we accept responsibility for what we do–which brings up another point–if we do something wrong and apologize  –why can’t people accept other peoples apologies?

I am currently  in an extremely stressful situation  but its not health and I have to keep my perspective.  If it isn’t  really health then you   have to analyze it.  If you don’t and you choose to let it harm you then you might cause physical damage to yourself.  Im not certain that Im making myself clear.  People have to remember–the past is the past–the future we do not know–enjoy the moment.

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