Procrastination–do you procrastinate?

March 30, 2016

I sometimes procrastinate!  We all do.

The definition is “the action of delaying or postponing something–putting off–”  I have been putting off writing for this blog.  Why? For many reasons–didnt make the time on my calendar .  Didn’t want to put in down in writing

because then it would be a reminder .  Well procrastination in a major “Stress ” creator–and you know why.

You feel badly that you didn’t do whatever was supposed to be done. There are life style strategies that might help you:

  1. Break large jobs into small -some say start with a yearly plan.–I don’t agree-you need a short term plan so that you can feel good about what you’ve accomplished.
  2.  Organize your environment-I agree that if there is chaos  in your environment it is distracting  and your feel like you’ve failed before you’ve started .
  3.  Schedule your time.  This is true but write it down on your calendar or list of ” TO DO.”
  4.  Set reasonable goals.  If you set too large of a goal and you know you can’t finish it–you’ve lost be  before you’ve started. You will feel terrible.
  5. Set deadlines and if you accomplish them-reward yourself.  Some people say candy-flowers  I personally think that if you just say”hey I did it and I can do more!”
    That should be enough-after all your training yourself-not a puppy .
  6. Pace yourself if its a large task and remember you’re human and not perfect–a little bit goes  a long way.  If you stop –be certain and schedule a time to continue the task-so you can accomplish your goal.

The basis for this came from Dr.Andrew Weil, however I changed some of the ideas–maybe I have procrastinated more than he has—

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