Healing and Forgiveness

April 5, 2016

I saw this on Facebook and to tell you the truth, I found it very interesting.  Carolyn Myss, is a fabulous writer about healing.  She wrote Anatomy of the Spirit -and many other very insightful books.

“Identifying a wound does not heal the wound.  Healing must include getting to the source of why we struggle with

forgiveness.  Why we want to hurt others, or why we hold onto our wounds hoping to make others feel guilty.  Holding on to past wound and negative history is more than just an emotional or psychological  problem; It drains us of the energy we need to rebuild the present in a healthy and functioning manner.”

I don’t know if you have held on to a wound, I have and it took many years to resolve.  The other person, I don’t think was affected.  I can say that I used up a lot of my life thinking about the pain and it was a waste of time and energy.

We have to be very careful of carrying anger, for it can resonate throughout your daily life and you aren’t even aware of it. I was angry at a member of my husbands family, and for years I found her company painful.  It was really  my problem, I couldn’t let go of the issues and I am certain if I had better skills of letting go, I would have saved some of my life energies.

You see, I believe  each one of us comes into life with so much energy and when its used up–you die. So be careful how you live your live and try and find peace and happiness! Check out www.myss.com

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