Hope and Optimism

April 6, 2016

There is a difference–Hope–people who have hope believe that the future will be better and that you have some control-you have a strategy  to reach the goal .  You believe that you have power to see it happen,  The optimist believes things will work out no matter what you do.

Researchers have studied these thought processes and believe  that if you spend time with  hopeful people you will be- come more hopeful. ad situation and  positive thoughts.Anthony Scioli, professor of psychology and author of “Hope in the age of Anxiety” and ” The Power of Hope”feels that people need to trust and have a connection to others–having people who validate you your strengths-and survival  skills-the ability to get out of a bad situations–also a belief in spirituality–as there is something larger than yourself.  He believes that people who have these strength are truly more resilient .

Personally, I think you’d a combination to make it in this world -for as you have hope and sometimes hit a glitch –you need to be optimistic to survive.

This was taken from an article in the Wall Street  Journal entitled An Emotion We Need More of–Tuesday,March 22,2016.

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