“The glory of medicine is that it is constantly moving forward…..

April 29, 2016

I look through a half-opened door into the future, full of interest, intriguing beyond my power to describe.” William J. Mayo, M.D.1861-1939

The Mayo Clinic is an amazing place to go for all of your health and wellness needs.  I have been going for many years and as you know–they saved my husbands life five years ago, by doing an ultra sound

that found kidney cancer.  They have also performed several surgeries on me.  In fact, when I had my hip done three years ago, I didn’t have any  physical therapy!

They have many , many departments and the work goes on and on.  They are still moving forward. So, if you have any questions about stress, health issues, a different spin on wellness, you might want to check out their site–you don’t have to be sick.  Just curious. Mayo clinic.org

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