May 31, 2016

A Firm Intention

Right after you read this I hope you will take a  piece of paper –number 1-3 and next to each number

write what you are determined to do!  We have all been thinking about things that we wanted to accomplish but we didn’t do them.  Now is the time to start but do not make your list too long.  If you do–you will fail.

You probably wonder why I use the word fail–because that is what it is–and if we don’t start addressing our issues then our bad habits will continue.  We can’t keep making excuses !  It clutters our lives and we are avoiding being who you are supposed to be–

Quit making excuses and get it DONE!!!  Thats what I am going to do!  And the word TRY is NOT acceptable–the clock of life is ticking and we shouldn’t waste any time.

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