Dreams and Isis

July 5, 2016

I don’t know about you but all of this shooting and bombing throughout  the world is giving me nightmares.  My feelings about life and death have gone through changes throughout my life.

First I thought what was meant to be– was meant to be–then that changed as I felt people could change the course of their  lives by staying in the moment, thinking positive, praying and having faith in Angels and spirit guides.

However, as these horrible people shoot and kill at random , have no value of life and don’t even care about their own lives one has to wonder is it LUCK–to stay alive?  Im certain that many of the people who were killed had some kind of faith–yet they chose to be in a certain place totally unsuspecting that they would die.

And each one of us makes choices all day long where we are going, what we are going to do, with our families-friends or by ourselves , totally feeling safe–not any more.  I walk down the street and look more cautiously at the people.  Im not relaxed any more–however–even though some nights I have trouble sleeping , I think trying to find pleasure in every moment you’re alive should be your goal.

Im a realist and know that every moment isn’t  pleasurable but if you take a positive attitude you will find more moments are, than you thought.  And if you need help, please remember The Miracle Of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh- A Manual on Meditation-a book everyone should consider owning,it will bring you back in the moment.  I have just stared re-reading it–because as long as I am alive , I will try to have more peaceful, happy moments.  I hope you will too!



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