Are you having trouble letting go?

September 1, 2016

Everyone that I know has trouble letting go in one area or another–but why? I personally think there are several reasons that we don’t want to acknowledge, and today I will deal a little with FEAR!

  1. We are afraid the people that we are letting go of won’t survive  without us.
  2. We don’t trust their decision making process.
  3. Maybe we are afraid they will survive and don’t need us any more. (What if you were dead?)
  4. Maybe we are afraid to free up all the time and energy so we would have to do what WE are supposed to be doing.

I actually think most of it is number 4– if we spend our time not letting go then we don’t have time for ourselves and can use them as  an EXCUSE!!!!

I was at a funeral last week of a very young man–left a wife and three young children–we were all crying until the person who gave the speech said–” he led a good life- he enjoyed his family and people around him, they loved his thoughtfulness, humor etc. He seemed to be very happy. Then he said, ” you should look in the mirror and ask yourself, are YOU living the life that you want? If not, consider making changes!”

The crying stopped, as most people who listened, thought about the mirror.  So instead of trying to live and control other peoples lives–LOOK IN THE MIRROR- and begin YOUR journey.

To be continued……


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