I can’t take it any more!

December 20, 2016

I’ve had it–there are many areas in this country that have gotten out of hand–we’ve forgotten about the people who live here and want to continue living–they have something that can be controlled but we make the medicine not easily available and unaffordable.

The beginning of my anger: WHY ARENT EPI PENS AVAILABLE OVER THE COUNTER??https://www.epipen.com/en/what-is-anaphylaxis

Why do they think for one moment that a person who has an allergic shock is less important than a drug abuser? WHY ARENT EPI PENS AVAILABLE OVER THE COUNTER????????????https://www.epipen.com/en/what-is-anaphylaxis

They fought for a price reduction but NOT AVAILABILITY!!  What is wrong with our country.

We now have naloxone available over the counter–its for drug abusers!  These people ABUSE drugs and they can be saved?????????? NO PERSCRIPTION for NALOXONE-It should be available but other medicines should be too….http://news.walgreens.com/press-releases/walgreens-launches-safe-medication-disposal-kiosk-program-in-illinois




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