The election caught many people by surprise.

November 22, 2016

It  has taken me a long time to write about the election because like many of you , Ive been very upset.

However, it is over and we can only pray that Trump will do what is right for the country.   I am hopeful–although somewhat skeptical.  I know sounds like Im confused and its true!!

Look at the Supreme court judges that were selected who were overly right or left – and came to the middle.-well, something happens when you’re anointed .

I imagine that the market will do well, industrials etc. and hopefully most areas .  It is the first time that Ive seen the party not selected–ie. democrats talk about working with the other side. That is a big step forward.

Everyone thought that the Republicans wouldn’t  win and ……..they would be reinventing themselves-they will but it will be different.  And the Democrats, they don’t have a party.   I believe  that Bernie Sanders caused the demise of the democrats.  And if you supported him thats your privilege but the country is basically in the center.

The past is the past- the future we do not know-enjoy the moment !

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