December 6, 2016

Last night I attended a Chicago Bulls  basketball game. They like many sporting events have a lot of entertainment.   Some of it is entertaining but some of it is very annoying.

First the “luvables” , they are scantily  dressed young women who dance on floor during intermissions, and time outs.

They really have nothing to do with playing basketball and seem to be there to attract men.  They stand in the hall before the games and get their pictures taken with men.  The men are all excited and really think the women are attracted to them.

Next  the seniors–sometimes women and sometimes men.  They all think they are cute and people really enjoy seeing their flab bouncing around while they are checking their phones.

Then, the worst little children who pay to be a part of it.  They are scantily dressed, mostly girls and their parents pay for the privilege—YES, they pay for it-I know someone whose grand-daughter does it; and, they pay to learn the dances and for the costumes.

As you can tell, I find it appalling that I have to watch this–and strangely enough, so do some other people. First of all for the children who attend and their parents have paid a lot of money, these children think that js what little girls do–and big girls too.-

I’m shocked that people don’t complain–maybe they do–

So last night, Dec. 5th, I was sitting next to a man and we started to laugh.  Why, because there wasnt any clapping for the LUVABLES–just a little and we decided –it was only single men-because–

If the men were with their wives or girl friends, they wouldnt want to show their admiration for these scantily dressed women–the married women or girl friends wouldn’t want to clap  because they were jealous that they didnt have a trainer, botox etc.

The old people got some claps, for the audience thought it might be their grandmas.  And, they had to be polite.

So, maybe he and I are the only ones who think exploiting children; and,  using old people doesn’t make

our experience any better.  WISH they put the money into the players and give us a winner!!!!



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