Should You Take A Vacation?? Even a mini?

December 19, 2016

You really don’t think you need one–you’re a little short  on finances.  Its winter and you’ll wait until spring or summer .  Well, maybe you should reconsider.

Why?  Getting away is wonderful to reinvigorate yourself.  If you are in the cold and dark North–it is even more important.  The lack of sun-light can be very depressing-even for the happiest people.

If you can’t  get out of the area–here is a way to have a mini at home.  Turn off all the phones.

Do not watch stressful TV–ie news-read twitter or emails.  Order in if you normally cook.  Go out to dinner and movies–try something new?  Go to a lecture and a museum–even if you don’t normally do it.  Watch old movies that you love.  Have a Woody Allen day or someone you like.

Make a list of all the things you’d like to do but never have—do one or more.

The Magic is TREAT YOURSELF and anyone else you care about.

Being alive is wonderful–enjoy.


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