Be Aware–Breast Cancer

December 26, 2016

A few month ago a very dear friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  We all know people who have or have had it–but the reason Im writing is a WARNING!!

SIX MONTHS–before it was discovered, she a had a mammogram  that was FINE!  She just happened to go to the doctor and it was found.  Angels watching over her!!!

So, please check yourself and go to the Doctor–

I have taken her for Chemo, and I would suggest that if you go with someone–download a comedy on your IPAD or computer- it makes the time go by quickly.  Also, consider bringing some bottled water. Im shocked that the University of Chicago doesn’t provide cable for these patients…They have to be there for at least three hours and sometimes a lot longer.  The rooms are depressing-(not actually rooms-more like cubbies)

The staff was very helpful!

Take care of yourself and your friends -together the world will get better!


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