If 2017 means any change-you must separate Ego and Intuition

January 5, 2017

Dear All,

I am firmly convinced that if you want to make any progress in learning how to enjoy being alive,

you must learn to separate  your EGO and INTUITION.  There are many people who have written in this area but Sonia Choquette its the best.  Why because her answers are clear and easy to understand–also as you practice , you will find they are real.

I will give a short lesson based on her work.

EGO:  Is shallow thinking and tries to convince you. It keeps repeating over and over but your body

does not feel good.  But you must let your EGO talk—just listen.

Then put your hand over your heart and listen.

INTUITION: Energy is in your body as you ask and try to feel if what is going on feels true. Trust what you feel.  And, practice – ask yourself questions-like who’s on the phone next?  Will I really feel better?  Ask any question that you have and start to  track- what is and what isn’t – stay in tune

with the feelings in your body–the more you open the more you’ll receive.

If you want to experience her lovely voice and teaching you can go to her web page or Mind Valley.Practice Intuition

Enjoy and Grow in 2017

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