January 24, 2017

I am very sorry for Trump and I hope he listens to his staff.  Maybe its too soon to tell but it is getting a bit frightening to see him over and over discuss the election.

I am hopeful that he will do something to help Chicago.  Obama really missed his chance .  I disagree with the pipe line unless they protect the water of the Indians.  I disagree with his stance on Abortion and I am fearful of his suggestion for the Supreme Court.

What bothers me the most was his lack of acknowledgement of the March.  And, I guess he really has NO intention of supporting women,environment, gays etc……

What also bothers me is the time that we are all spending on listening to whats going on and then discussing it all day– and night–when we all have better things to do.

There isn’t much that we can do, but to be happy were alive and pray he gets better.  BUT–do smell the roses and try to enjoy–don,t let him rob us of our life.

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