Heart Attack

June 25, 2019

In March this year my husband and I were playing golf at the Breakers in Palm Beach Florida.  We were on the second hole and he said he didn’t feel good.  He looked peaked  and so as we walked to the golf shop I put my hand on his head and he was sweating-hot.  When we got inside , he sat down and when I  him put my hand on his face, he was in a cold sweat.  He said his upper lip hurt and sort of moved downward to his jaw. I knew he was having a heart attack– he wasn’t have any chest pains, back  or arm  pain-how did I know?  My  Mother had a heart attack and the only indication was her jaw–she felt like her teeth were coming out.

Fast forward, we called 911 , he went to the hospital and they said he was having a heart and attack and would need a stent. The Doctor was there and ready–I asked-” incase he has a major attack, do you have -A HEART TEAM HERE AT THIS HOSPITAL?”  ” NO!!”  I said, then you can’t operate on him–we have to change hospitals.

They told me that if they ran into trouble they would put him in an ambulance and move him to another hospital 45 minutes away ( without any traffic)  I said NO!  We stayed over night in the hospital over

night moved the next morning where they had a  cardiac surgeon too. The stent was put in and he left the hospital four days later.  We went back to the hotel and spent two more weeks. The staff in the hotel were

marvelous and we thought that we were out of harms way–WRONG!!!

The next day they went in and thought they found it–wrong– he started to bleed again and so they went in for a second time and thought they found it==WRONG–he kept bleeding and two doctors told  me he could die.  The third time our doctor insisted that someone from an advanced medical group come in and he saved my husbands life by putting a “claw” on the ulcer that was bleeding.

We have been almost two months out of harms way and working on raising his blood level from   7

to plus 13.  We are eating spinach everyday as well as having teff flour in eggs , lots of protein. We are on the way but not fully there.

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