Can you survive if Quarantined with your spouse or partner????

May 21, 2020

Ha, who would have believed it???? When you live with someone for 52 years you think you know them–but you dont!!
Quarantined with your spouse is hard to believe and with NO SPORTS on television–except re-runs–well it becomes a new world.

It is especially difficult with an older person becaused of household choirs, daily needs that have to be done by someone but never done by them.
At the beginning I read that divorce rates went up in China,I dont know about the U.S.–of course Melania wont file.

Why? well older men were not taught to do household chores!!Pure and simple nor do they want to especially if they have a wife
or partner or housekeeper to do them. Now the housekeeper, cant come in…They dont clear the table, wash off the dishes, cook, do toilets or floors-some empty garbage–they dont set the table, clear the table, load a dishwasher if you have one.
Do the wash, change the sheets(some will help if really needed) too be continued

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