Finding a Path?

November 22, 2015

Im not certain if there is a definition that is applicable to everyone, because we are all individuals. And the more people I meet, the more the differences show, as well as, the similarities.  I know that sounds strange but I think its true .  The differences are in the interpretation  of hearing what someone says or reading it ,and then how you process it.  The similarities are people who are married have similar problems, children experience  problems,  financial  issues, in-law , single problems and all kinds of issues, depending of course if the

socio economic groups are similar. I actually have to take issue with myself because sitting in a Doctors office or someplace where you are mixed, I always find the women have many of the same life issues that I do.  Why would I encounter that because, I believe there are no accidents and so wherever I am ,if the people are friendly I like to talk to them.

Although I really liked the Deepak Chopra book,  I would have to say that Thich Nhat Hanh was really the reason I became so interested in spirituality.  And, I would recommend one of his many books that is truly what I believe his most inspirational book,  The Miracle of Mindfulness.  This is

what I would call a basic primer for everyone to own.  It truly explains , how to be” in the moment” , why and how to achieve the goal–if you choose.  I will talk more about him in the future for he is one of many people who have taught me how to have many more pleasurable moments then I could have found by myself.

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