November 29, 2015

Yes, Thanksgiving was started in in 1621 , as the pilgrims had a feast celebrating their harvest. Today, people create their own harvest on their table.  Many people enjoy recipes from their relatives and others create new recipes.  Many people over eat and the next day the exercise machines are on over load.  Its usually very festive for those who can afford the food.  However, many people can’t and it is one day the Churches, food depositories , and shelters try and provide extra food.

The next day is called Black Friday, in the  Chicago area,its a time when there are deep discounts on almost everything-trying to lure the shoppers to start their holiday shopping early.  This year Chicago had a major  problem.

A video had recently been released and a March against Chicago and its way of handling a recent release of an almost year old video of a police officer shooting a 17 year old 16times.  The marchers held their march on Michigan Avenue, the  prime retail area in Chicago.  They wouldn’t let people in the stores and then the stores would let people in–it was a mess. And, Im certain it hurt businesses. People who had nothing to do with the Video.

However, what were the Marchers supposed to do–they City was wrong in what they did- the Mayor was wrong, the states attorney was wrong, the superintendent  of Police was wrong- it is horrible what they did–but I think they could have done something better.

Have petitions that people could sign, give out  phone numbers and emails that  people could join in having their voices heard too.  Chicago is a MESS, and until we all join together its not going to change. City of Chicago Mayor 312-744-3300—-for your information, I called 411 3 times-and when I dialed it there wasn’t even a message so Im not certain this is it.





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