Intercessory Prayer

November 29, 2015

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying on the behalf of others. There have been studies on this and nothing is truly conclusive–so why do I want to start a link to a page where you can have me list someones name and we will all pray for them. By all, I mean anyone who goes to my site and chooses to.

Well, I believe that everyone should help someone else every day–and that if you do then maybe someone will help you or those you care about. So, along time ago I started a prayer page and I read the names to myself. I don’t do it every day, but quite often and I feel blessed. Now you are going to want to know what my religion is–I have a combination of spiritual beliefs-there are many things about Buddhism that I believe, Catholicism ,Judaism,spirituality without a defined religion–I guess Im just a believer.

I also believe that if Im alive that one should smile at people that you pass on the street and see if they smile back- because ,if they do, they’ve sent you” positive energy”,and we can all use as much positive energy that we can get.

If you have someone whose name you’d like added please email me -just their FIRST name-no explanation- and I will post it so anyone who wants to -can help.

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